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  • Storage development in 2016  

    How about the development trend of warehousing and logistics industry? It is reported that, at present, warehousing and logistics in the domestic commonly used is artificial patrol, handmade paper recording medium, this in several ways exist artificial factors, high management cost, to supervision personnel inspection work, inspection information degree low. More details, the following is the analysis of the development trend of warehousing and logistics industry in 2016:

    Logistics warehousing industry is the basic link between the supply side and the demand side, and the reform of the supply side is bound to affect the reform of logistics service supply. Return to the industry, logistics enterprises should see, under the Internet environment of market competition, whether the enterprise vertical integration, horizontal integration or multiple integration, the progressive realization of the collaborative interconnected and mutually melt symbiosis and competition of the ecological chain is beyond the competition of supply chain and industrial chain. Small to the internal ecological chain, large external ecological chain, are required to plan new ideas, new methods.
    In short, under the policy of structural reform in the supply side, the development of logistics needs a new model, a new mechanism to create a friendly supply chain ecosystem. However, to create a friendly ecosystem which will be a systematic project: on the one hand, we must optimize the structure, improve industry layout of logistics informatization, realize the innovation of technology and equipment, development mechanism to promote the combination of; on the other hand to establish supply chain eco system and good credit system, standardize the market, achieve orderly competition.
    Qunfeng enterprise person in charge is very optimistic about the logistics industry, especially electronic business logistics development, but business outbreak is closely related to the industry demand peatlands, need long-term follow-up.
    The company has a large number of various types of logistics vehicles, to undertake all parts of Shanghai and the whole country to return to Shanghai cargo transport, to provide customers with safe, efficient, fast and convenient services. Companies adhere to the principle of customer first, professional operation, scientific management, with the correct attitude and good reputation, many years won many manufacturers.
    The peaks of logistics has been to "strive for excellence, dedicated and trustworthy" concept to guide the work of their own behavior. We must take the logistics logistics enterprises made first-class peaks. To this end we build an open learning organization, to enhance the overall level of professional staff, to the modern logistics management forward.
    Is willing to work with the vast number of enterprises to work together to move forward together, a better brilliant tomorrow. More information on warehousing and logistics industry, please refer to the China's report hall of the "2016-2021 years warehousing logistics industry market competitiveness survey and investment outlook forecast report".


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