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  • Specification and specification of steel pallet  

    The specifications of steel pallets, especially their plane sizes, shall be suitable for the loading surfaces of various transport vehicles and containers. In addition, the following conditions should be taken into full consideration when choosing the size of pallet packaging:
    (1) surface utilization rate. Surface utilization ratio refers to the proportion of the area occupied by the packaged goods to the area of the steel pallets.
    (2) one of the advantages of stability of G steel pallet is multilayer stacking, therefore, steel tray size selection should be conducive to the stability of steel pallet goods.
    (3) the size of the steel pallet should be taken into full consideration of the full space collapse of the transport t.
    The standard steel pallets made by the standardization institution have 1200 * 1000mm, 1200 * 800mm two kinds, and each country can formulate the domestic steel pallet size standards according to specific conditions.


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